Airplane treehouse I was reading some of my news feed this morning and came across one from Seth Godin, an internationally know marketing consultant.

His article, titled Naive or Professional? is a short, one page discussion of the difference between being naive about how you do your job or run your business and how you do it professionally. I read the article and sat there thinking about what Godin had put down on paper (in electrons?) and saw that what he said can be directly related to how we as pilots approach aviation.

There are all sorts of alphabet groups discussing ways to reduce the general aviation accident rate and increase student starts (and completions). Take a look at that last sentence in Godin’s article.  That is where we have to focus our efforts.


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  1. Topslakr Avatar

    Your link to the article has a trailing ” that makes it not work for me. Just an FYI 🙂

  2. Tracy Avatar

    Thanks, I’ll check it out….

    Darn, hate it when that happens. It’s fixed now. Sorry it took so long to get to it.