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Aviation Articles for August 19, 2011

Yes, I know it’s been a while since my last article. I found my self sitting in front of the computer for way too many hours in a day and forced myself to take a break. I turned off the computer for a week and then joined some friends at the West Coast National Hot Rod Show for a few days.

It has taken three days to wade through the list of emails I found when I got back online – I can’t even think about my RSS feeds yet – over 1000. I may just save a lot of time and mark all as read and start over.

Here are some flying stories you may have missed a couple of weeks ago:

Douglas AD-4NA Skyraider

Classic aircraft and cars
This one is from Collingwood, Ontario Canada. It covers an antique aircraft and car show that they have each year. Sounds like it’s a big event and getting bigger.

Aviation Summer Camp
This article is from CNN. It covers an aviation summer camp for teens that is being held in Florida. Destination Aviation is a camp that has been operating for four years at the Florida Air Museum at Sun-n-Fun. Sounds like a really fun learning experience for the kids.

A WWII Veteran and his Airplane
This is from the Naples, FL News. Sixty years after he last saw it, a WWII veteran gets to sit in the cockpit of a Skyraider that he flew in combat. Memories.

Aviation history in Yuma, AZ
This one, obviously, is from Yuma, AZ. the title of the article makes it sound like the event happened recently. The article actually recounts an event that happened in 1911 – the first airplane landing in the state of Arizona.

This couple really supports the Young Eagles Program
This one is from AOPA Online. Phillips Aviation supports the EAA Young Eagles Program in several ways and each year they award Phillips 66 Aviation Leadership Award during the annual Young Eagles banquet at AirVenture. The winner this year has introduced more than 1000 youngsters to the wonder of flight. This article describes their efforts. As an aside, EAA has announced that they will expand the Young Eagles Program to include adults in 2012.

The 2011 EAA Grand Champion Homebuilt Award Winner.
This is from Clark County Indiana. The EAA Grand Champion Homebuilt Award given out this year at AirVenture went to an RV-8 owned by David Buntin. This article is a short history of his project.

Aviation Stories for April 1, 2011

Hmmm, April Fool’s Day. That leaves the door open for all sorts of stories – but I’ll be nice and only link to articles that are factual – to the best of my knowledge. B-17 bomber dropping a watermelon.

It was a pretty light reading week – I guess everybody went to Sun-n-Fun.

High school students tackle an unusual restoration project
A group of Kentucky high school students are going to restore a Cessna 195 that has been donated to their school. The aircraft spent the majority of its flying life in Pakistan and, according to the aircraft records, may have been used as a ‘spy’ plane, keeping track of activity in India.

After-school high school group teaches kids about aviation.
An after-school group promoting aviation has been formed at the Woodstock High School in northern Illinois. The group, supported by the EAA Young Eagles takes the program a few steps farther in teaching the basics of aviation. This looks like a great effort.

In case you have been in an aviation vacuum for the past 36 hours
A violent storm moved through the Sun-n-Fun area yesterday. Here is the AOPA coverage of the damage. No serious injuries, but several aircraft and vendor displays destroyed. The show is back up and running today (Friday)

Aviation legend decides now is the time to retire.
I wonder how may other designers have five aircraft hanging in the Smithsonian. This is an LA Times article covering the career of Burt Rutan upon his decision to retire from his work at Scaled Composites.

One more check mark in the iPad column
Apparently announced at Sun-n-Fun, a company has found a way to provide XM weather to the iPad. The plan is to have it available by mid-summer this year. (Another AOPA article).

Another chance to fly in a restored WWII warbird.
This is from a Bakersfield, CA paper. It covers the touring the a P-40 and B-17 owned/flown by the Liberty Foundation from Georgia.

Flying Stories for 18 Feb 2011

Here are a few articles I found this week that I thought you might like:

Two aviation organizations come together for a day of flying
This is a newspaper article covering a fly-in at the Lufkin, TX airport near Houston. The Houston Chapter of the 99s organized a flying treasure hunt and had the last stop at Lufkin to coincide with the local Lufkin EAA chapter’s Young Eagles fly-in. The result was over 40 aircraft on display and giving rides and 30 happy kids getting their Young Eagles rides. It was a great effort by both organizations.

How the economy is affecting life at a central California airport.
This is a graphic illustration of the effect that the economy is having on the operations at the Modesto, CA airport. Modesto is located in the north-central valley of California, south of Sacramento. The good news is that it appears there may be a turnaround in sight.

One aviation company has received FAA approval for in-flight use of Apple’s iPad
Executive Jet Management has received FAA approval for the in-flight use of the Apple iPad using Jeppesen’s flight software. Maybe this opens the door for more approvals.

Another pilot fatigue/crash pad exposé
This time ABC News has enlisted the help of an ex-Continental pilot to help sensationalize the use of pilot crash pads. Come on people, what do you expect when you pay somebody minimum wage?

New licensing regulations for crew members in the Bahamas
Apparently the Bahamas has changed their pilot certification regulations. Good news – the maximum age is now 65. Bad news – licenses expire every two years with a $200 renewal fee. Check that last paragraph – one sentence about flight attendant certificates. Hmmm.

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