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Aviation Articles for September 23, 2011

I posted most days last week from the Air Races. I’ll just leave it at that.  I wasn’t going to post any links to articles about the crash until I came across this article on Tuesday.

The most accurate account of the event at the Reno Air Races that I have read.
This is from the CDA Press in Idaho, a media representative’s account of the accident. No crash photos, just facts and impressions. Well done.

Now we’ll get back to our usual links and try to move on.

Float Plane

A Kiwi’s Flight across the U.S.
This is from Australian Flying. Twenty-Seven years ago John King (no relation to the Flight School Kings) took a trip across the northern U.S. in a 1949 Cessna 195 on floats. He recounts the trip with photos in this fairly long article that he has broken down into chapters. A good read.

A flight in a piece of aviation history
This is from the Leavenworth Times in Kansas. The author took a ride in EAA’s Ford Trimotor and provides us with his impression of the event. Interesting to hear the pilot’s name.

Another close-knit aviation community
This is from the Hartford (CT) Courant. There was a large-scale RC model aircraft event in Bloomfield, CT over the Labor Day Weekend. Sounds like they had a great time.

A lifetime of aviation
This one is from the Rapid Cite (SD) Journal. Vern Kraemer is now 94 years old and he still loves to get into an airplane and see the world from above – that feeling started when he was 10. He doesn’t fly solo any more, but it sounds like he found the perfect copilot.

A Google search brings two WWII friends together
This is from a Google blog article, written by a guest blogger. The relationship is that a Google search by a women in Israel brought her together with a B-24 crewmember she had met in Holland during WWII. A touching story with a happy ending.

Aviation Articles for August 19, 2011

Yes, I know it’s been a while since my last article. I found my self sitting in front of the computer for way too many hours in a day and forced myself to take a break. I turned off the computer for a week and then joined some friends at the West Coast National Hot Rod Show for a few days.

It has taken three days to wade through the list of emails I found when I got back online – I can’t even think about my RSS feeds yet – over 1000. I may just save a lot of time and mark all as read and start over.

Here are some flying stories you may have missed a couple of weeks ago:

Douglas AD-4NA Skyraider

Classic aircraft and cars
This one is from Collingwood, Ontario Canada. It covers an antique aircraft and car show that they have each year. Sounds like it’s a big event and getting bigger.

Aviation Summer Camp
This article is from CNN. It covers an aviation summer camp for teens that is being held in Florida. Destination Aviation is a camp that has been operating for four years at the Florida Air Museum at Sun-n-Fun. Sounds like a really fun learning experience for the kids.

A WWII Veteran and his Airplane
This is from the Naples, FL News. Sixty years after he last saw it, a WWII veteran gets to sit in the cockpit of a Skyraider that he flew in combat. Memories.

Aviation history in Yuma, AZ
This one, obviously, is from Yuma, AZ. the title of the article makes it sound like the event happened recently. The article actually recounts an event that happened in 1911 – the first airplane landing in the state of Arizona.

This couple really supports the Young Eagles Program
This one is from AOPA Online. Phillips Aviation supports the EAA Young Eagles Program in several ways and each year they award Phillips 66 Aviation Leadership Award during the annual Young Eagles banquet at AirVenture. The winner this year has introduced more than 1000 youngsters to the wonder of flight. This article describes their efforts. As an aside, EAA has announced that they will expand the Young Eagles Program to include adults in 2012.

The 2011 EAA Grand Champion Homebuilt Award Winner.
This is from Clark County Indiana. The EAA Grand Champion Homebuilt Award given out this year at AirVenture went to an RV-8 owned by David Buntin. This article is a short history of his project.

Aviation Stories for May 6, 2011

Here are some stories that you may have missed this week:

A former pilot gets another chance to fly
this article is from the Knoxville News Sentinel online edition. An alert medical staff member, a caring residents’ service director and an organization called Second Wind Dreams teamed up to get a former pilot back into the air. Nice story.Boeing B-17

A group of WWII veterans gets to reminisce on board their old ride.
This article is from the Contra Costa Times in Northern California. The EAA B-17 made a stop during it’s 2011 tour at Buchanan Field in Concord, CA. While there the current crew of the B-17 got to take former crew members for a short flight and listened as they talked of their flying experiences.

Why yes, it’s a Huckfest!
This article is from the Rapid City Journal. When you hear the city name Sturgis, North Dakota you usually picture thousands of motorcycles and leather-clad riders. This article describes the Sturgis Huckfest being held in the Buffalo Chip Campground. You’re just going to have to read the article to figure out how aviation figures into the equation.

This company offers rides in history.
This article is from Rosemount, MN. It is pretty much a plug for a hometown boy’s business, but it’s nice to see that someone is still trying to make a living hopping rides in an old biplane.

A 90-yr old WWI veteran celebrates flight again.
This article is from the Pensacola News Journal. At the close of the celebrations commemorating the Centennial of Naval Aviation a former Marine Corsair pilot got to feel the wind in his face again.

Another installment of an interview with a Boeing Historian.
This article is from the Reuters News Service. It is the continuation of an interview with a Boeing Historian. It contains a line at the bottom of the article that should contain links to the other parts of the interview, however the text areas are not links. A bit lower it appears that there is a link to Part 3b of the interview.

An individual once afraid to fly overcomes his fears.
This article if from the Longboat Key News. It relates the story of an individual who was scared to death to fly, but overcame his fears. It can be done – the proof is in the article.

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