A couple of days ago I had on my list of things to do the rearranging of some rocks in the back yard. he rock that took out my flying arm.You have to remember that I live in Reno, NV , in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Rocks here can grow a little bigger than the average Midwest rock. The top point of the offending rock, shown here next to a spade garden shovel is 21″ (53 cm).

I had just moved a larger, heavier rock and was attempting to roll this one closer to the first one. I was behind it, reached down and pulled up to flop it onto the side facing the camera. As I pulled up I felt a tear on the inside of my left elbow near the bottom of my bicep similar to ripping apart a small piece of Velcro.

My arm has been in a sling with ice applied ever since.  The Swift has a side-by-side seating arrangement so I fly with my left hand on the stick and right hand on the throttle. This has put a serious crimp in my plans for flying the Swift to the West Coast Swift Fly-in this weekend or flying it anywhere for that matter.

So, while Swifts from around the area are headed to O70, I’m headed to see an orthopedic specialist for a prognosis. I’ll heal and there is plenty to do here at home, it’s just a bit disappointing.