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Flying Stories for June 8, 2012

Some of you may have noticed the lack of a post last week.  I came down with a temporary medical condition that had me barely functional. I’m just about back in fighting form now, though still medically unqualified to fly because of the medications I am still taking.

I ended up missing an invitational fly-in last weekend and will miss the Golden West Fly-in this weekend, but they will both be held again and I’ll make them then.

Next week is the Pylon Racing School at Reno-Stead Airport. Held each year for new race pilots, pilots returning to race after a break or race pilots who just want to get some more course time. The course will be active Wednesday through Friday and possibly Saturday if additional flights are required. As far as I know there are about 20 new pilots attempting to qualify and 21 veteran racers entered, so there should be a good stable of planes to watch. I’ll try to get some good photos but probably won’t get the post up until Saturday or Sunday.

No, I’m not entered in the school, just a spectator from my hangar.

Here are some articles you may have missed this week:


1914 Jeannin Stahltaube

An aviation-related Eagle Scout project
This is from the Independent in Grand Island, NE. Eric O’Neil needed something to do for his Eagle Scout project. He knew it would have something to do with aviation. At first he thought about restoring an airplane for static display in front of the local airport, but that turned out to be way to big of a project is many different ways. In the end he found a different way to show the local community a little more about their aviation heritage…

Washington DC Youths Will Build An Airplane To Learn STEM
This is from PRWeb. Discover Aviation Now is a non-profit enterprise in the Washington, DC area dedicated to introducing aviation and its related career fields to area students. It sounds like a great program for kids.

5 Must-Sees For An Aviation Geek
This is from KTVZ in Central Oregon. The other day someone asked Thon Patterson, the article author, which five aviation destinations he’d like to check off of his bucket list (Did anybody use that term before the movie came out?).

Aviation Articles for March 9, 2012

Yesterday I spent the day at the airport – nice weather again, though the weather guessers say it will probably be the end of our early Spring for several days.  Earlier in the week a friend had mentioned that he needed a Flight Review. I offered my services and he accepted.

Glasair IIS, amateur-built, experimental.

Glasair IIS, amateur-built, experimental

He built a Glasair IIS several years ago and, through a series of circumstances,  had not flown it for over 4 years.  With that much time off I was curious to see how much rust had accumulated. The flight went fine, though some additional refresher work will be required to get up to Flight Review standards.

One thing I learned – a Glasair IIS is not built for my current body configuration.  It wasn’t an uncomfortable fit, but I didn’t have  a whole lot of wiggle room left over. It is a nice-flying airplane with light, fairly balanced  control pressures. We were indicating over 180 knots (21o MPH) as we cruised around the area – a good cross-country machine.

I’m looking forward to flying with him some more when the weather clears again.

I found three articles that you may have missed this week:

Rolls-Royce V-12

Rolls-Royce V-12

Florida professor to relive historic flight across English Channel
This is from the Sun-Sentinel in Palm Beach, FL. Barbara Ganson is an Associate Professor of History at Florida Atlantic University. This weekend she intends to recreate Harriet Quimby’s flight over the English Channel. The original flight actually occurred on April 16, 1912, but since this is Women’s History Month the flight will be a month early…

Masters of the V-12
This is a link to a pdf document that was forwarded to me by a friend. The document is about 6 pages long and describes the people behind three different shops that rebuilt engines for warbirds. The V-12 refers to the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. Very interesting read…

An Aviation Camp in Dayton is so successful it is adding a summer session.
This is actually a press release on PR Web. Air Camp USA has been operating for three years in Dayton, OH. This year, because of the increase in interest that they have seen, they are adding a third summer session. The camp sessions are in June and July and and concentrate on aviation and STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The camp is open to students entering the 7th – 9th grades for the fall 2012 school year. Application information is available in the article.

Aviation Articles for December 16, 2011

Here are some flying stories that you may have missed this week:

I’m not sure they all agree
This is from the Fresno Bee. The author interviewed a few flight attendants and found that they feel that they had glamorous jobs. Hmm. Probably depends on the day…

It always feels good to restore your ride
This is from Fox 8 in Cleveland. Nate Shaffer was a door gunner on a helicopter in Vietnam. In 1994 he started looking for some of his fellow crewmembers – and for the helicopter that they flew. He was more successful than he expected

Learn to Fly and Build a Plane programs meet in cyberspace.
This is from General Aviation News. The Learn to Fly and Build a Plane programs have joined forces in cyberspace.

Burt just can’t stay retired.
This is from the Seattle Times. Just in case you haven’t seen all the press this venture has received the past few days…

Another successful mission.
This is from the Frederick News Post. The Pilots-n-Paws program enlists the aid of pilots and their aircraft to transport animals around the country.

World War II airplanes still in the air.
This is from Chron.com. The article relates the efforts put forth by the West Houston squadron of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF).

Ever heard of the Battle of Britain?
This is from the Harborough Mail in the UK. Squadron Leader Tony Pickering visited his old school recently and recounted some of his tales from Hurricane flying during the Battle of Britain.

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