Reno Air Races

Big Tow Little Tow

December 13, 2008

Traffic was backed up a little as we were leaving Tokyo the other day which meant we had to to wait in line on the parallel for our turn to take off. We happened to stop just abeam a parking apron where a maintenance crew was readying a 747 for tow. They were using one […]

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Grumman F7F Photo Op

September 22, 2008

I’m almost recovered from the Reno Air Race event. It was about two weeks of long days and short nights. The weather was almost perfect for race week. Low 90’s (F) and usually a fairly light breeze. The only mar on the week was the loss of a Formula One plane and pilot on the […]

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Reno Air Race Preparations

September 3, 2008

I had intended to post this a few days ago, put I had a camera problem. Completely operator error. I had it set on video instead of photo. Got lots of pictures of the ground, sky, floor of the truck, etc., but nothing usable. Guess I need a preflight checklist for the camera now. RARA […]

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Airport and Airplanes

August 24, 2008

I was minding my own business, very uncomfortably squashed under the instrument panel of my plane a couple of days ago when I heard in the distance the unmistakable sound of a Rolls-Royce engine coming to life.  Well, that’s not something that an airplane nut can ignore, so I carefully extricated myself from the floor […]

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Airport Changes

August 21, 2008

My local airport is going through it’s annual change from a semi-average uncontrolled airport to the site of the National Championship Air Races. This change begins every year in the end of August. The permanent grandstands are joined by four sets of temporary bleachers. The area behind the grandstands slowly fills with vendor tents for […]

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