8 More Pilot and Aviation Oriented Gifts

December 8, 2008

Since the shopping days before Christmas are getting short, I thought I’d look around a little more and save you some time. Here are eight more options for you to look at without having to surf the supplier’s web sites. The photos link to the product pages where the items are offered. Just in case […]

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Formation Flying

June 19, 2008

The Flight The past three days have been spent flying from Japan to the U.S. and back. When we left Japan a couple of days ago, we were assigned Track one for the initial part of the flight, then transitioned to a random route. Air traffic control establishes specific tracks or routes across the oceans […]

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Professional Pilot Dan

June 2, 2008

A New Direction I’m out on the road again flying to the usual places. The plane I’m flying for this airline only goes to twelve different locations, so there isn’t too much variety in the flying. Once again, I was the junior member of the crew, so I drew the first break, as did Dan, […]

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