Oops, I thought I published this last night – guess I just saved the final draft.  I trust that none of you lost sleep over my error…

Here are some flying stories that you may have missed this week:

Some weeks there just aren’t many stories out there that I want to pass along. This week was pretty sparse – most ‘big news’ stories are covered in any number of online publications that you probably read, so I don’t rehash those – like AF 447 (which I discussed in my previous post).

These were the only two I wound that are worthy of this weekend’s reading list.

Putting on an airshow is not easy work…
Photo Credit Dan Walters This article is from Sign On San Diego. Howard Merritt is the head of maintenance for the Wings Over Gillespie Airshow in El Cajon, CA each year – here is his story.


Once he flew off a carrier – now he flies a Meyers OTW
This article is from Channel 13, WREX in Rockford, IL. Captain Chuck Downey sounds like a really interesting guy. He was the youngest guy to ever get his Naval Wings, flew dive bombers in WWI and now retires to Florida in the winters. But he always heads north to fly his Meyers OTW in the summers.