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Aviation Articles for October 7, 2011

Here are some flying-related articles that you may have missed this week:

Dauntless Dive Bomber

Aviation Attractions in Seattle
This is an article from SeattlePI. At first I thought this was an announcement of a new aircraft acquisition at Seattle’s Museum of Flight, but it turns out that it is an article on the aviation attractions you can visit when in Seattle. It’s a nice overview – you could probably cycle through them all – continuously.

Former Pan Am Flight Attendants Reminisce
This is from the UK, Daily Mail Online edition. There has been a lot of hype about the new television series Pan Am. I’ve seen twitter streams fill whenever the show is airing – usually comments from current flight attendants. This article relates the experiences of three former Pan Am flight attendants.

Bemidji, MN and Aircraft Restoration?
This article is from Minnesota NPR. When you think of Bemidji, NM (if you ever do) you don’t usually think of it as an aircraft restoration location. However, Aircorps Aviation is trying to change that. Erik Hokuf is the co-owner of the facility and is well known in the aircraft restoration field. His current project is to return the P-51 Sierra Sue to it’s original WWI configuration. According to Hokuf, “The goal with this restoration is to make it as authentic as possible,” Hokuf said. “We’re bringing the airplane back to the way it would have been when it was sitting in Europe in spring of 1945 with the 9th Air Force.”

Dauntless flying in the Pacific Theater
This article is from the Enid, OK News. Coot Nelson didn’t plan on being a military pilot, but things just worked out that way. He found himself flying the Dauntless Dive Bomber in the Pacific in WWII. These are some of his experiences.

Aviation Pioneer Finally Recognized
This is from the Daily Townsman, B.C. Roberta Taylor has been involved in aviation since before she can remember. Born in Thunder Bay, she was recently awarded the Elsie MacGill Northern Lights Awards for being a pioneer woman in aviation. She has had quite an aviation-filled life.

EAA Aviation History Channel Videos
I subscribe to the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) email newsletter. A recent issue had a link to one of their videos – a panel discussion with seven WWII veterans who flew with the 8th Air Force. It’s a 110 minute video, but very interesting. EAA’s Aviation History channel is also home to their Timeless Voices project – they put an aviation pioneer in front of a camera and let them reminisce about their aviation experiences. There are videos with pilots, engineers, gunners, mechanics and test pilots, to name a few. EAA also has channels for Homebuilding, Learning to Fly, Vintage Aircraft and more. The site is well worth the visit if you haven’t already been there. A great place to spend a few minutes – and it’s not a Flash Player, so everything is available on your iPad or iPhone.

Flying Stories for Feb 11, 2011

I’m just about back on the right time zone after my last trip. There are more posts on the way, but in the mean time:

Here are a few stories that you may have missed this week.

The restoration of a 1929 Waco 10 1929 Waco 10
This is a nice article from The Atlantic Flyer about a Waco 10 restored by a couple in Iowa. It is almost completely original, including the increasingly rare OX-5 engine.

Air New Zealand reportedly to allow in-flight cell phone use
This article is from the Malaysian National News Agency. It reports that Air New Zealand is about to start allowing cell phone use and texting during flight. There rates that they are quoting make me wonder why I would want to be that connected.

Another item on the Airbus options list.
Airbus has come up with an ingenious way to save gas on their A320 family of aircraft. Wonder how long it would take to break even on the extra cost?

Pilot fatigue and attempts to prevent it.
Both ABC news and the Huffington Post have had articles recently concerning pilot fatigue, pilot crash pads for commuting pilots or those on reserve. The Montreal Gazette also reported on a study conducted of pilots flying for Norwegian Airlines. I wonder how much money was spent determining that working long hours on consecutive days in cramped, noisy conditions is fatiguing?

Remembering the Navy’s first black combat pilot.
Jesse Brown was born in 1926. He received his Navy wings in 1948 and was assigned to VF-32 flying the F4U-4 Corsair. He received the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Air Medal “For meritorious achievement in aerial flight” in Korea. Unfortunately he was also the African-American Naval Officer to lose his life after his aircraft was damaged by enemy fire and he was forced to crash land.

An inside look at the restoration of aircraft at Seattle’s Museum of Flight
This is a Reuters article by a reporter who was given an inside look at the museum’s restoration facility at Paine Field in Seattle, WA. Unfortunately the information is limited to text only. There appear to be links to photos, however the links were not active when I read the article.

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