The last post left us about to begin our layover in Nagoya. After checking into our rooms and changing clothes, three of us (the two captains and I) walked a couple of blocks to a small restaurant for a snack of fried rice and gyoza ( also known as potstickers) followed by a stop at a nearby grocery store to pick up a few supplies.  One of the captains bought several containers of salad dressing and just as many packages of crackers to take home. I asked why and he explained that he has coffee with a group of buddies each morning and after one of his Asia trips he had brought back some samples of these items to give to his friends. Well, that went over so well that now he finds himself replenishing their supplies about once a month. Nice guy. I held my purchases to a couple of 12-packs of the instant coffee that I use while on trips.  The powdered coffee comes in convenient single-serving tubes or sticks, with or without milk added to the mix. Instant coffee in convenient serving packages.

I did my best to sleep in the next morning, but was awakened by my body clock at 6:30 am local time. The first night in Asia is usually that way. I’m just about 12 hours off my home time zone when I’m in Japan and making the sleep-cycle switch in one night is virtually impossible.  Of course, when I tried to take an afternoon nap before the next flight I was fighting against a home time when I would normally be getting up to start the day. Sleep just wouldn’t come. Exercise helps with the sleep-cycle adjustment, but our layover hotel in Nagoya doesn’t have an exercise facility and, being the cheap airline pilot, I’m not willing to pay the 2500 yen necessary to access the local Gold’s Gym (exchange rate currently ~98 yen/USD). So, I was a little sleep-deprived when the crew call came for the flight to Manila.