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A Good Day For Contrails

One of the flights on my last trip was from Los Angeles (LAX) to Tokyo (NRT). I had a request from one of my readers for a photo of the cockpit of a Boeing 747-400. Since I was taking the first break I had the chance to take this shot justCockpit of a Boeing 747-400 as we were about to make a right turn after engine start. For an airplane this big, the cockpit isn’t exactly huge. The captain’s left hand is on the tiller controlling the nosewheel steering. There is also one on the right side in the same relative position for the use of the first officer.

As we made our way to the end of runway 25R we could see across the two runways to the cargo ramp on the south side of the airport. Douglas DC-8 FreighterI took this photo of an ATI DC-8 freighter at one of the parking spots. It just struck me as a really long aircraft. I have never flown one, but with that much length behind the main gear I would think that the pitch attitude on landing and takeoff would have to be controlled very carefully.

Airline Trip Report

I’ve taken a few photos on my last three airline trips and haven’t had time to post them, so I’ll combine them into a long post today. There are 18 photos and a map excerpt from Google Earth. I’ll make each one a link to a larger version of the photo so you can look at more detail if you like. Preparing to de-ice the plane.De-icing in progress.

As usual for this time of year, the trip started out with a de-icing session. The ground crew pushed us back from the gate about ten feet to allow better access to the aircraft and then the de-ice crew went to work, first spraying a hot mixture of Type I fluid to remove the snow from the plane and then spraying a coat of Type IV fluid over the wings and tail to prevent any additional accumulation before takeoff. One of the trips started in the eastern United States and flew non-stop to Osaka, Japan, a flight of about 14 hours.

Western Russia from 35,000 ft.Western Russia from 35,000 ft.The great circle route that day took us north of Alaska, as far north as 73 degrees latitude, over the Beaufort Sea. We crossed into western Russia and flew south crossing over the Sea of Okhotsk just to the east of Magadan. From there we paralleled the eastern coast of Sakhalin Island and entered Japanese airspace on the north coast of Hokkaido near Sapporo and continued south across the Japanese islands to our destination.

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