I have had a few requests for photos of the Swift that I fly on my days off, so yesterday before I went flying I took a few quick shots. As usual, the small photos click through to larger versions.Globe Swift covered and in hangar.

This is the way that the plane spends most of it’s time. My friend in the hangar across from me refers to it as the “RagWing Swift.” The plane is polished aluminum, so I keep it covered when I don’t plan to fly it for a while. It keeps most of the dust off the plane and “breathes” so no moisture collects on the aluminum skin, should it rain. The yellow box is the battery tender that is connected to the aircraft battery located behind the baggage compartment. This photo was taken in late winter, so a blanket and layer of carpet are laying over the engine compartment to keep in the heat from my home-made engine pre-heater. There are also scraps of carpet or towels at the wingtips to keep the  sheets from blowing off when the hangar doors are opened. The pre-heater I made up is just a small ceramic heater with a built-in fan. I attached a metal heating duct adapter to the front and taped some metalized dryer ducting to the adapter. The ducting is easily molded to the proper shape to fit up inside the cowl air exit. As a last step, I wrapped the dryer duct with self-adhesive insulation to help minimize the heat loss from the heater to the engine compartment. I turn it on for about an hour before I pull the plane out to go flying. It seems to work really well. You can feel the heated air coming out the front of the cowl.