In the last post we covered the first two days of my airline recurrent training. We left off having just completed the computerized systems test.

Day Three of Recurrent training

The third day of training is referred to as Maneuver Validation (MV). Viscount Flight Simulator by EyeNo via Flickr During this simulator period you accomplish a long list of maneuvers  most of which you hope to never see while flying on the line. If a full crew is paired for this period, meaning both a captain and a first officer are going through recurrent training as a pair, then the session will last all of the scheduled four hours. I was by myself for this session, so I was ‘flying’ with an instructor in the left seat acting as my captain. This meant that it would be possible for me to complete all the maneuvers in a two-hour period and there would be no problem with me re-accomplishing any maneuvers that the instructor might like to see flown a little better. We introduced ourselves in the briefing room and the instructor talked a little while about how the session would progress, then we took a last minute break and headed down the stairs to the ‘box.’