I actually got the Swift out of the hangar and into the air this weekend. The 2011 Golden West Fly-in was going on in Marysville, CA (KMYV). I flew ‘over the hill’ with a friend who was flying his RV-6A – well, we were going at the same time, but took slightly different routes and never saw each other until we were on the ground at the show.

Two other Swifts made it to the event added to the one based there, so considering the number made we had a good showing.

The winds started to pick up a bit as the morning progressed and my RV friend decided to head back over the hill before they exceeded is personal limits. Reno-Stead is not particularly known for it’s calm winds. I was comfortable with the crosswind component and elected to stay for the day. By the time I got home the winds at Stead were 40 degrees off the runway heading at 15G25.  Not a fun flight in the mountains – definitely whitecaps in the coffee cup.

The Golden West Fly-in is a fairly quiet event. They appeared to have a good turnout of spectators wandering around, but the aircraft participation seemed a little light. The economy is hitting everybody.

I took photos of the planes that looked interesting to me and I’ll  include them below with a little explanation of each. Enjoy.