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  • The Flight Training System – Part 2

    In my last article I talked about how those of us who are instructors need to provide a more professional product if we expect to attract and keep serious flight students. What can the rest of the aviation community do to build up aviation? For one, we as pilots have to get it through our […]

  • The Flight Training System – Part 1

    On March 1st AIN (Aviation International News) released three articles clearly attempting to bolster the waning general aviation market. One article discussed the benefits realized from a strong aviation infrastructure and touched on a possible world-wide pilot shortage. Another discussed the author’s opinion of what is necessary to turn the decline around and the third […]

  • Your Flying Stories for 17 Dec 2010

    I find aviation-oriented articles on the Internet every day that I think some of you might be interested in reading. I decided to make a list as I go through the week and then pass them on to you on Fridays so that you can have an easy reference for places to go online if […]

  • Major Radio Lessons

    I recently saw a post on  Twitter or Facebook from an individual in the middle of their flight training. They were having problems getting the hang of the proper radio terminology.  I can remember that as an instructor in the Air Force I would often encounter students who had the same problem. It would seem […]

  • What’s it Doing Now?

    I just finished reading the latest issue of NASA’s ASRS Callback. The subject this issue was errors made by pilots flying what are generally called TAAs, Technologically Advanced Aircraft. Most of the errors were attributed to either the aircraft not doing what the pilot thought it would do, or just losing situational awareness because the […]