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  • Aviation Articles for December 16, 2011

    Here are some flying stories that you may have missed this week: I’m not sure they all agree This is from the Fresno Bee. The author interviewed a few flight attendants and found that they feel that they had glamorous jobs. Hmm. Probably depends on the day… It always feels good to restore your ride […]

  • Aviation Stories for 4 Feb 2011

    Here are some interesting aviation stories from this week that you may not have seen. Balloonists in hot water for using hot air. It seems that the owners of an Olive Ranch are upset about balloonists using the air over their fortress and are suing everybody in the area who has ever touched a hot […]

  • Languages

    Today’s flight back to the US was a routine operation. Gate to gate it clocked 11:36. The flight planned route was a little farther north than a great circle route today, passing just north of Anchorage, but it successfully avoided several different areas of forecast turbulence. It was a smooth flight until the last 45 […]