I mentioned in the last post that my wife and I had traveled down to the Schellville Airport near Sonoma, CA to take a ride in a friend’s airplane. While we were there we were treated to a tour of  the airport and the treasures that were hidden in the hangars.Douglas DST at Schellville Airport, CA.When I got out of the car after the drive I did the usual I’ve-been-sitting-too-long stretch and looked around to see what planes were parked outside. I glanced at this “DC-3” parked in the weeds and assumed it was one more example of the aircraft that you occasionally find at out-of-the-way airports.

Later, as we waited for the coastal stratus to burn off and allow our flight, a couple of us walked over to look at the plane more closely.  The first thing that struck me was that there was no entry door on the left side of the fuselage. Interesting. Then our impromptu guide pointed out  some metal patches on the fuselage above alternate windows – patches, he said that had replaced what were originally additional windows. (Unfortunately, I was unable to get an acceptable photo of them.) You see, this isn’t a DC-3, it’s a Douglas DST –  The Douglas Sleeper Transport. Huh?  OK, here’s the story.