The week started out with some nice prospects for this post but yesterday something I was working on locked up my computer almost to a standstill. I thought I had managed to close down all the programs correctly, but when my browser started up again after the reboot the open tabs were wiped clean.

During the week when I run across and interesting article I usually leave the article open in a tab to refer back to when I sit down to write this post. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to find a safer way to go about this.

Here are a few that I have found since my ‘wardrobe malfunction’…General Patton.

A definite oops – guess they won’t take that route again…
This article is from The Province, one of the major newspapers in Vancouver, B.C. It seems that a DC-10 flying hospital had some time on the ground at the Vancouver airport. When it came time to depart, the ground crew at the facility they were using began tugging it to another location – until they found a ‘soft’ spot in the pavement.

Ever heard of NAPP?
This article is from Mason City, IA. I have to admit that I had never heard of the National Association of Priest Pilots (NAPP). Here’s an article about their national conventions and one of their members who was just recognized for his 50-year career as a pilot and flight instructor.

A WASP returns to flying
This article is from the Tucson, AZ area. Silvia Clayton is now 91 years old, but after waiting 60 years she decided it was time to get back into flying. A great WASP story.

It’s unfortunate that this is funny…
This article is from AOPA Online. The Mooney Ambassadors did a man-on-the-street survey of the type you see on a late night show once in a while. Their survey asked the simple question ‘What is general aviation?’ If you are reading this column you are ‘into’ aviation, but we all know that the average individual on the street has no real concept of what aviation is, how it works or what contribution it makes to our daily lives. I really wonder if that will ever change…