I took this photo on the last leg of my second trip in March and thought you might like it. A 747-400 painted in the Delta livery went by us somewhere between Edmonton and Winnipeg on the way back from Japan. I believe we were at FL370 and they were at FL350.Boeing 747-400 painted in Delta Airlines livery.

My 2009 recurrent training has been completed and I am back out on the road. I’ll do my best to get on a regular writing schedule again. It’s really nice to have the training sessions completed and to be back flying the real thing.

There have been several articles written on the need for pilots to use some sort of recurrent training to keep their flying skills sharp. CFR 61.56 directs all pilots (with some exceptions) to accomplish a flight review of their knowledge and flying abilities each 24 calendar months while CFR 61.57 specifies other types of recent experience that are required to operate as pilot in command. For those  flying for scheduled airlines,  CFR 121.427 specifies an annual recurrent training program.