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Aviation Stories for March 11, 2011

Here are some stories from this week that you may have missed.

This is International Women of Aviation WeekWomen of Aviation Week
Just in case you missed the news, International Women of Aviation Week is March 7-13, 2011. This link takes you to the organizations web site. there you will find articles describing some of the events planned throughout the country and world. I have seen references to a couple of different airlines specifically manning flights with all-female crews this week. Check them out.

Missing ashtray grounds non-smoking flight WTF
This article is from a Canadian newspaper. It seems that a Jazz Air flight headed for Toronto was delayed for nine hours when the flight crew noticed that an ashtray was missing from the front of a lavatory door. The article tries to explain why that was such a big deal. Not sure I buy it, but I’m not an expert on the Canadian maintenance regulations.

NOTE: I notice that this link now says that you have to sign in ir register to assess the article. It appears that the newspaper only allows access to the current days articles unless you are a registered user. Great way to generate traffic – not.

Born deaf he is now pursuing his dream of being a commercial pilot
This is an article from a Sheboygan, WI paper. Josh Mech, now 19 years old, was born deaf but had a dream to fly. He is now has a Private Pilot certificate and is attending Southern Illinois University majoring in Aviation Flight and Aviation Management while he works toward his pilot ratings.

South Carolina tool and die worker building an airplane in the garage.
Yeah, so what. Well, how about that Barbara, at age 22, was the first black female in South Carolina to ever become a registered tool and die maker. Now, at age 50, she has decided that building an airplane is not beyond her capabilities. After all, she’s a Private Pilot and a certified scuba diving instructor, why not?

Commentary on the new Continental Airlines diet plan.
This is an article from Continental’s home town Houston paper. The reporter does a good job spinning the news about the Continental-United merged airline deciding to equalize the two airlines at the least-possible-service level.

Flight Instructor Refresher Webinars
I saw this mentioned in one of the newsletters that I get from time to time. I had not heard of it before, so I thought I’d pass it along. This is a link to the avcos.com website. They offer a series of eight flight instructor refresher webinars that CFIs can use to renew their certificates. They are an FAA-certified provider and issue a temporary certificate when the renewal requirements have been met. Sounds interesting.


My how time flies

No links for this one – just a reminder to move your clocks forward. On  Sunday morning, March 13th at 2 am the United States goes back on Daylight Savings Time. Now if all this snow would just melt…

Your Flying Stories for 7 Jan 2011

Beryl Gwynn Hart - photo credit: Smithsonian Institution Continental-United Merger hits the bumpy part of the road.
Pilots from both Continental and United are represented by the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), however their collective bargaining agreements contain very different work rules. The new company management tried to take advantage of those differences, were challenged by the Continental pilots and lost in arbitration.

Where would you expect to find the oldest flying Boeing 747?
Trans World Airlines (TWA) took delivery of N93101 in 1970 but only flew it five years. That airplane is still flying today.

An FAA magazine celebrates it’s 50th year of publication.
The FAA began publishing a magazine called FAA Aviation News in January 1961, three years after the creation of the administration. It originally was intended to give readers insight into the FAA’s policies and programs, concentrating on safety awareness and education. The publication is now named FAA Safety Briefing, a more apt title for it’s primary purpose. The Jan/Feb 2011 issue celebrates the publications 50th Anniversary. The magazine is well worth reading and is available either in PDF format or in print form. You can also download selected articles from an issue.

Pilot Training Reform Symposium to be held in May 2011
The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) is chairing a symposium on pilot training reform to be held in Atlanta, GA on May4-5, 2011. It will be held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel at the Atlanta International Airport. The symposium is intended to be a collaborative effort among OEMs, courseware providers, organizations/trade associations, university aviation programs and FBOs, insurance providers, and regulatory agencies to reform our national flight training system.

General aviation, social media and collaborative consumption
This is a Forbes article discussing an opportunity for the general aviation charter industry to change it’s operating model. It discusses a book titled The Rise of Collaborative Consumption and how the growth of social media may provide an opening for this concept in the charter industry.

And you thought that there were a lot of airline fees this year…
An ABC News travel article with predictions of what new airline fees we might see tacked on to your ticket price in 2011.

A female aviator with a male navigator who was lost at sea…not named Earhart.
This is a well-written, comprehensive article about the life of Beryl Gwynn Hart, the 14th female aviator in the U.S. to hold a transport pilot’s license.

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