1910 Curtiss Pusher. Photo Credit: Christopher Chen: Flickr:CC

Here are some flying articles you may have missed this week:

A teen with a future.
This is from Geek Wire. Zach Sweetster, a seventeen-year-old from near Seattle, sounds like a really grounded individual – well, except for his love of all things flying. It sounds like he’s already working on several career options.

Aviation History in Cleveland.
This article is from The Cleveland Daily Banner. It sounds like the Daily Banner is running a series of articles dedicated to aviation history in and around Cleveland. The subject of this one is aviator Charles K. Hamilton. He was trained the art of flying by Glenn Curtiss. He brought one of Curtiss’ biplanes to Cleveland in 1911.

Havelock, NC and the Marines
This article is from the Havelock News. A little more aviation history, this time with a military twist. Read on to get the connection between Havelock and the Marines. (Fruit is involved… sort of).