Today was another day spent mostly in the hangar. There has been a lot of interest shown in the Champ project that we have for sale. That meant that I spent a lot of time answering questions and watching people inspect what we have on display.

I did venture out a couple of times for unlimited heat races – you can’t ignore the sound of those big engines screaming around the course.  The gold heat was won easily by Strega – who slowed down to about 415 mph on the last lap (still averaging 465 mph) , a speed that was easier on the engine yet fast enough to stay ahead of Voodoo. Third place went to RareBear.  Oops, I just checked the race results on the web site and it indicates that Voodoo cut a pylon on the first lap. The penalty moved him down to third with RareBear taking second.

The Super Sport heat race was won by the Thunder Mustang "Rapid Travel" (see yesterday’s photos) at a speed of 373 mph. The Questair Venture "Bad Intentions" came in second and John Parker’s Thunder Mustang "Blue Thunder II" came in third (also cutting a pylon).