Those of you who have been visiting this site for a while have, I hope, noticed that I recently made a few design changes in an effort to get a little more aviation into this aviation blog. I have four boxes of 35mm slides that I have taken over the years, beginning in the early 1970s, and I finally got around to converting some of them to digital format. There were about 100 slides with airplanes or aviation as the main subject,  so I decided to rotate them through on the sidebars of the blog. iPhone reflection in the side of a Globe Swift.You can use it as a poor-man’s Name The Plane game ala AirPigz. Make your educated guess on the type of plane and then put your cursor over the photo to get the answer. Some are very easy and others are more obscure, but all were flying aircraft when the photo was taken. So far,  there are only three photos in the collection which aren’t of a single aircraft and only three photos that I didn’t take personally. As part of my NY resolutions, I plan to attend more airshows and will increase the number of different photos, but it should be a while before I cycle through to the beginning of the current collection.  I’ll change the photos every few days. If you feel that I have misidentified an airplane, please let me know and if you have a photo or two of something obscure that would make a good candidate, please let me know and I’ll include it in the collection.