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  • Airline Retirement – New Directions?

    Those of you who frequent these pages have probably noticed that I haven’t been posting any new articles lately. I have several things going on right now, not the least of which is my airline retirement in the beginning of next year. AroundThePattern has been an interesting experiment. I have ambled along writing articles when…

  • Breakfast Conversations

    I had some interesting conversations this morning over breakfast on a layover in Shanghai. One conversation was with my crew member and the other with a teacher who has been living in China for almost three years.

  • Career Choices

    I don’t normally rebut posts of others, but one of the statements I just read in a post didn’t sit right with me and I feel I have to provide another viewpoint. Sam, over at Blogging at FL250 posted about the current state of the airline business and how it might affect the pilots at…