A couple of weeks ago I listened to a podcast that happened to be the 100th episode of that particular aviation podcast. The speakers on the podcast related some of their 100th aviation events – their 100th flight, 100th hour of cross-country flying, etc.

That got me thinking about those events in my flight career. Most of them happened a while ago, so I dug out my logbooks and looked them up. Believe it or not, I still have the original logbook that recorded my first training flight in August of 1968 – while I was still a cadet at the USAF Academy. My how time flies…

Here are the ones I could think of and then find in my logbooks:

100th Aviation Events:

100th FlightDecember 1969Cessna T-37BUSAF Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) – Instrument Training
100th Flight HourDecember 1969Cessna T-37BUSAF Undergraduate Pilot Training Student
100th LandingOctober 1969Cessna T-37BUSAF Undergraduate Pilot Training Student
100th Flight Hour as PICFebruary 1971Fairchild C-123KTan Son Nhut AB to Bien Hoa AB to Binh Thuy AB to Tan Son Nhut AB, RVN
100th Hour of Flight Instruction ReceivedJanuary 1970Cessna T-37BWebb AFB, TX to Tinker AFB, OK – Navigation/Cross-Country Instruction
100th Flight Hour of Flight Instruction GivenJuly 1972Cessna T-37BInstructor Pilot USAF UPT, Basic VFR Training Flight – Traffic Patterns
100th Flight Hour – Simulated Instrument (Hood)March 1974Cessna T-37BWebb AFB, TX – Instrument Currency Flight with Safety Pilot
100th Simulator Training HourFebruary 1982Lockheed C-5ATravis AFB, CA – Instrument Currency
100th Flight Hour – Actual InstrumentJuly 1982Lockheed C-5AClark AB, Philippines to Diego Garcia, BIOT
100th Instrument Approach FlownMarch 1972Cessna T-37BRandolph AFB, San Antonio, TX – Student, USAF Pilot Instructor Training
100th Combat Flight HourMarch 1972Fairchild C-123KTan Son Nhut Air Base (AB), Republic of Viet Nam (RVN)
100th Flight Hour – Cross CountryFebruary 1971Fairchild C-123KTan Son Nhut AB to Bien Hoa AB to Nha Trang AB to Tan Son Nhut AB, RVN
100th Flight Hour – NightSeptember 1981Lockheed C-5ADiego Garcia AB, BIOT to Clark AB, Phillipines
100th Flight Hour – SoloNovember 1974Temco Swift GC-1BHoward County Airport, TX (Big Spring, TX) – Local Area Flight
100th Flight Hour – Temco SwiftSeptember 1973Temco Swift GC-1BEctor County, Odessa, TX to Howard County, Big Spring, TX
100th Hour in current aircraft (Temco Swift, GC-1B)September 2012Temco Swift GC-1BMinden, NV to Reno-Stead, NV – 2-ship Formation
10,000th Flight Hour”
April 2009Boeing B-747-400Nagoya, Japan to Detroit, MI