Le Rhone Rotary Engine
Le Rhone Rotary Engine

Just a short note to cover a couple of topics.

I managed to get into the air for two short flights this past weekend. They were direct flights to and from the Carson City Airport (KCXP). The Carson City (Sierra Chapter 403) conducted a Young Eagles event. I work as part of the ground crew for their events – primarily in the technology support area. For their events Chapter 403 takes a photo of each group of kids getting a flight, taken with their pilot and the airplane they use. That is printed out and coupled with a Young Eagles flight certificate as souvenirs of the event. They also have available (for a fee) custom mugs that can include the same photo. The Chapter flew 31 kids during the event. Definitely a successful day for promoting aviation.

Anyway, the flight was nice – about a half hour each way. It was good to see that Washoe Lake (on the route between the two airports) has significantly more water in it than it did a month ago. Unfortunately it still has a long way to go to look ‘normal.’


There has not been a whole lot of discussion on this site about the things that I post – there are a couple of you who comment once in a while but it’s generally pretty quiet. On the other hand, I am getting roughly 2000 spam comments per week. These are usually one-word comments to obscure posts or attachment pages which have the intent only to provide a link back to the spammers website for search engine purposes. As a result, I have turned off commenting for my articles.

I have added a menu item at the top of the header just in case you feel the need to contact me. Thanks for understanding.