It was a beautiful day on Saturday and I needed to deliver some small parts to a friend of mine in Minden, NV. Instead of driving 45 minutes south, I drove a half an hour north and flew 40 minutes south. Logical to me…

Really nice flying on a Saturday morning. Smooth air and just a little haze but well over 10 miles visibility and no wind to speak of.. Rare for any time of year in the Sierras.

We met at the Taildragger Cafe on the field and had a nice breakfast while we caught up on each other’s activities.

A couple of 1940s classics -1948 Swift and a 1941 Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3.

After eating we walked out to the plane – which now had an N3N parked next to it. Then while we were standing around talking a Grumman Widgeon passed by on the way to the runway. Almost made me want to paint my plane yellow…. nah.

All in all a good day for flying. And it looks like that is going to hold for at least another week. Certainly better than the Midwest and East where they are in an early deep freeze.

Oh, and as an added bonus, as if I needed one, my friend introduced me to a really nice guy, Frank, who was having breakfast with Mike, the N3N pilot. It turns out that Frank used to fly the Lockheed A-12 for the CIA.

Frank graciously agreed to be our guest speaker at the December EAA Chapter 1361 meeting at Stead. I’m really looking forward to hearing the talk…

Grumman G-44 Widgeon on the way to runway 34.