Swift in flight in June 2023 with snow still sitting on even the low mountain tops.


My last post was published back in April. At that time I was just getting back to the Swift annual inspection. That was finished in May and I got a flight or two in before the end of the month.

The first weekend of June was the Susanville Air Fair, Susanville, CA (KSVE). The flyer said they were having pancakes, so early on a Saturday morning I headed up that way. With the taxi out and taxi in it was about a 40 minute flight each way. The flyer was correct and the breakfast was worth the trip, as was the tour of all the aircraft in attendance.

My Flight Review was due by the end of June, so that was the next project. This year I was lucky enough to have a Swift-qualified CFI available. He spends most of the year at his home in Hawaii where he keeps his Cont. IO-360-powered Swift. He also has a place in Carson City, NV, just down the street from Reno. He keeps his Meyers 200 there.

We managed to coordinate a day/time to get together and completed another phase of the WINGS program for me, which qualifies as a Flight Review. It was a fun flight in spite of having to be ‘evaluated’ on my performance.

Meyers 200 on the parking ramp at the Reno-Stead Airport, June 2023
Meyers 200 on the Reno-Stead Airport ramp.

I have been asked several times if I am going to AirVenture this year. Unfortunately, the budget doesn’t have that line item in the list.

Although I’m not attending AirVenture, I will be participating at SimVenture being put on by PilotEdge, the organization that provides Air Traffic Control services for flight simulators – both the commercial RedBird/Precision Flight Controls and desktop versions. At least I can experience the arrival procedures again as I did last year.

It will also keep me out of the 106/107 degree temperatures we are forecast to have this weekend. That will be setting high temperature records. Must be summer… I’m guessing we’ll have density altitudes around 8500′. Cuts into your power available…

Swift in flight in June 2023 with snow still sitting on even the low mountain tops.