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Air Races–Wednesday & Thursday


Finally got some free time to sit and write a post. Thursday I hosted a gathering of USAFA graduates in my hangar and was tied up all day.

Here are some photos I have taken the past couple of days.

2011 Race qualification times

This is  a composite of the qualification times board(s) that are in the Biplane/Formula One pit hangar. I took this Wednesday morning. There were still a few qualification flights made later in the morning, but this is close to the final times for this year. The red one is a new record time – Strega’s 499.160 MPH.

Formula One with Biplane heat race

This shows a Formula One racer (Race 36, N-A-Rush) heading back to the pits while a Biplane Heat Race is forming up on the runway. The Formula One and Biplane racers take off all at once from the runway and head around the course. The timing starts when they cross the home pylon at the end of the start lap. All the other racers take off, form up in a formation gaggle and then cross onto the course from a ‘flying’ start.

Hawker Sea Fury, Race 71

A Hawker Sea Fury, Race 71 “Sawbones”  flown by Dan Vance.




Galloping Ghost, Race 177

Another view of Jimmy Leeward’s Galloping Ghost. You can see plainly the lack of the belly air scoop on this highly modified P-51.


T-6 Racers

T-6 racers positioned past the no-prop line in preparation for one of their Heat Races.


Sport Class Racer, Race 66

One of the Sport Class Racers, Race 66 “Jus Pass’s Thru” a Lancair Legacy.



Questair Venture, Race 71

Another Sport Class Racer, a Questair Venture, Race 71 “Bad Intentions” flown by Mike Dacey.  On Thursday in a heat race the engine quit and Mike had to make an emergency landing off a paved surface. The aircraft was destroyed (broken wing spar among other things) but Mike got out and walked away from the landing.

Aircraft Tug

Aircraft tug – named appropriately for towing Dreadnought and Argonaut.




T-6 Tail

Things to remember written on the tail of T-6 Racer.





Tigercat Nose Art

Nose art on Rod Lewis’ Tigercat, Race 1. Apparently the Military is now so ‘politically correct’ that aircraft with nose art may not land at an active base unless the nose art ladies have clothes on.  So much for historically accurate restorations.


Mash Helicopter

A restored helicopter was on display in the pit area. This particular helicopter was used during the filming of the Mash television show.


CanAm Race Car

Jimmy Leeward’s other ride. He is in the driver’s seat of this Can Am racer. The names written above the door are Bobby  Rahal, Jim Trueman and Bruce Canepa.  Oops, I have been corrected. This is an IMSA GTP (Grand Touring Prototype) Car. The photo I was sent was from the 1982 Daytona 24 Hr race.


4 responses to “Air Races–Wednesday & Thursday”

  1. Cedarglen Avatar

    Friday afternoon is a favored time to refresh some of my flying blogs and ATP usually heads the list. I’m enjoying your posts and pix for the annual races @ Reno. Of note, your pix are excellent and they almost always bump to HD resolution with ease. I enjoy seeing the finer details of the engines etc. A great week, Tracy and thanks! -Craig

  2. Tracy Avatar

    Unfortunately, the races may be over for the year. Galloping Ghost, shown in today’s post, crashed just in from of the grandstands. It appeared to some witnesses that it pitched up, snap rolled and came almost straight down. Mass casualty operations are in effect at Stead. They are currently reporting 75 injured, 15 of them critical. YouTube footage is at

  3. Cedarglen Avatar

    With sadness, thanks Tracy. I just read a summary in the NYT. Thanks for the link, but I have no desire to see video of this nature nor to speculate. In a year or so we’ll read the NTSB report. For now, just best wishes for those injured and the families of those lost. -Craig

  4. Tracy Avatar

    I agree – I turned the TV off pretty early last night – a lot of newscasters trying to take up air time without knowing much about aviation at all.

    this morning they are showing a photo that clearly shows the elevator trim tab coming off the tail. That could easily have caused the loss of control at those speeds.