I can’t believe it has been over a week since my post at the beginning of my last airline trip. I never did catch up on my sleep on that one. It’s amazing how much energy gets drained with too little sleep and days on the wrong side of the clock.

Printout of the TPA ATIS at departure time.

The Asia trip went fairly well. The weather in Japan was really nice. Clear and in the 70s (F), but it rained almost constantly in Taiwan. This is a printout of the TPE ATIS at our departure time. It didn’t take long to disappear into the clouds. But, as usual, the tops of the clouds really looked beautiful. I have buying a new, small camera on my list of things to do. The photos that I have available to include in posts were taken when I was flying as an engineer and had more room in my flight bag. I was carrying a ‘standard size’ Olympus camera.

Now that I’m back home for a little while, I’m spending my days working on my plane, trying to get it into flying condition. I’ll post more on that in a day or two, along with photos of the progress. It looks like I’ll have to wait until next month to finish the annual inspection. I leave again to commute to work on Friday morning, this time for a 9-day Asia trip.