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The Commuting Pilot Flying International Routes


OK, I think I’m back close to the right time zone. The last day of a trip for a commuting pilot can seem to last forever….. mainly because it does. Example:

4:30 am Japan time, wake up, just because. Couldn’t sleep.

9:30 am Japan time, receive crew call and leave for the airport an hour later.

1 pm Japan time, take off for U.S.  (total time 8:30 since waking up, so far)

11:45 am EDT(same day) land in U.S.  Flight time 11:45. Don’t you just love that dateline? Now, I did get a 5 and a half hour break(last half of the flight) and probably slept 4 hours of it, so I’m not totally out of it yet. Naps are your friend. (total time now 20:15)

Drop off flight bag and get a decent dinner, or whatever you body is calling the meal.

3:30 pm EDT take off on first leg of commute, land at 5 pm PDT. I think I managed a 1 hr nap on that flight.

7 pm PDT take off on second commute leg and land at 8:30 pm

Arrive home 9 pm (I think that adds up to a total time of 32:30)

That’s why the house rule is: No power tools, No flying and No financial decisions for 3 days after one of these trips. And don’t even consider a serious conversation.

That’s why you won’t see a post for about 3 days after a trip. I wouldn’t be able to put together a coherent sentence.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like international flying, but it is definitely hard on your body.

Now I’m home for a week. I completed most of my home ‘to do’ list today. I hope to make it out to the local airport tomorrow so I can start the annual on my plane. But that’s another story.

Fly safe.


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