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Mountains near Cold Springs

Short but Fun

We were between storm systems today with light winds, partly cloudy skies and warm temperatures. How could you NOT go flying?

Snow-capped mountains and scattered clouds visible over the wingtip of the Swift taken at 8000 feet MSL.

While I was doing my preflight inspection I only heard 3-4 planes take off and then depart the area. That seemed unusual for such a nice day.

I made my way to the runway behind a nice yellow SuperCub and then waited while a Diamond DA-40 landed and a Cessna Corvalis entered the pattern. I took off and cleared the area to the north of the airport.

A Good Start to the New Year

It would have been nice to celebrate January 1st by going flying but the weather wasn’t cooperating. Winds up here in the mountains often squash even the best plans and January 1st was no exception.

A weak cold front was moving through the area and kicked up the winds to the 25-30 knot range – not something I wanted to brave just to say I flew on the first day of the year. Instead I stayed warm and watched a few football games.

Finishing Out the Flying Year

I finally got the Swift into the air on December 31st after a month without flying. No serious reasons, jut a combination of work and weather.

Yesterday dawned with just high clouds and little to no wind and was forecast to stay that way so I headed for the airport.

First I plugged in my little ceramic heater and let it do its job of blowing hot air into the bottom of the cowling. I knew that was going to take a while since the outside air temperature was only in the high 30s at that point so I went across the way to a friend’s hangar to hang out for a while.

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