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Finishing Out the Flying Year

I finally got the Swift into the air on December 31st after a month without flying. No serious reasons, jut a combination of work and weather.

Yesterday dawned with just high clouds and little to no wind and was forecast to stay that way so I headed for the airport.

First I plugged in my little ceramic heater and let it do its job of blowing hot air into the bottom of the cowling. I knew that was going to take a while since the outside air temperature was only in the high 30s at that point so I went across the way to a friend’s hangar to hang out for a while.

Lake Spaulding

A $100 Omelet

The weather forecasters were saying that this past weekend was going to be great weather but a cold front was on the way and scheduled to arrive by Tuesday. Apparently several other people thought the same as I and decided to get into the air before the weather changed.

On Saturday I thought I’d spend some time in the traffic pattern practicing landings. Good idea but I wasn’t the only one who had it. I took off and stayed in the pattern but by my third time around I had been joined by four other planes or varying types speeds.

Breakfast in Minden

It was a beautiful day on Saturday and I needed to deliver some small parts to a friend of mine in Minden, NV. Instead of driving 45 minutes south, I drove a half an hour north and flew 40 minutes south. Logical to me…

Really nice flying on a Saturday morning. Smooth air and just a little haze but well over 10 miles visibility and no wind to speak of.. Rare for any time of year in the Sierras.

We met at the Taildragger Cafe on the field and had a nice breakfast while we caught up on each other’s activities.

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