I want to thank those of you who posted comments and sent emails concerning my last article. It’s really nice to get some feedback on how my writing is accepted. I realize that I haven’t been asking for feedback or engaging with you readers as much as I should and I will try to do better in the future.

Yes, I’m going to continue writing and see if I can become a better writer and friend to all of you.

This week is the National Championship Air Races at Stead Airport, in Reno, NV. That is both my home town and my home airport. I will try to write something each day about what I have seen and will include photos that I have taken.

And on to day one.


2 responses to “Thank-you”

  1. Jim Avatar

    Very glad that you are continuing your blog. Hopefully some of us long time readers will be more vocal so you know you’re not wasting your electrons.

    Here is a suggestion…how about more thoughts on your transition from the 747 to the A330. There are tremendous differences in design philosophy and pilot interface and you must have some observations and opinions.

    My only experience is with Boeing and Douglas products. Friends on the Airbus rave about the creature comforts on the flight deck, but admit that you have to work harder to figure out what the airplane is doing. I, for one, cannot get used to the idea of nothing moving on the flight deck (thrust levers, yoke, etc.) when the plane is in autopilot.

  2. Tracy Avatar

    Those are good ideas. I’m trying to reserve any comments about my employer, training and flight details until after I retire. Five more months to go and I’ll answer any questions anybody has. As far as the two planes go, I much prefer the 747-400 over the A-330. Sure, it’s not as advanced in it’s systems, but it is much more comfortable to fly and there is much more room to more around on the flight deck. I was an A-320 captain a few years ago, so I got used to the way Airbus does things. I missed the lack of a trim button on the top of the stick almost as much as not moving the throttles.