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Aviation History – Chapter 2.5 – Lockheed C-5 Landing Gear


I’ve been doing research for the next post on air refueling, which should be up in a couple of days. In the process I found these two videos which  show the operation of the Lockheed C-5 landing gear.  I tried to describe the operation in words in my last post covering some of the unique features of the C-5 but I don’t think the words  described the contortions very well. This is another instance where a picture (video) provides a much clearer description.

The first video is actually an animation developed using a flight simulator program. It is titled “30-knot crosswind”, but it starts out showing the aircraft on the ground with the aircraft kneeled, the forward and aft cargo doors open and the ramps extended. The animation closes the ramps and doors and un-kneels the aircraft, then moves the aircraft to the runway for a takeoff. The landing gear retraction sequence is shown clearly. The video goes on to make a landing or two, ending with one it says it is with the strong crosswind. I had hoped to see the crosswind gear in operation, put it is not evident.

The second video runs a little bit longer and was taken at an open house airshow at the Dover, Deleware C-5 base. The aircraft takes off and makes several fly-bys, with and without landing gear operation and then makes a short-field landing, stopping in front of the crowd. If you listen closely you can hear the airshow announcer describing the aircraft. The video provides a good view of the aircraft in flight and allows you to hear the unique sound associated with the C-5 engines.


Hangar test of Lockheed C-5

Lockheed C-5 Landing Gear Operation during taxi and takeoff