Recurrent Training – Part 2

April 24, 2009

In the last post we covered the first two days of my airline recurrent training. We left off having just completed the computerized systems test. Day Three of Recurrent training The third day of training is referred to as Maneuver Validation (MV). During this simulator period you accomplish a long list of maneuvers  most of […]

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GPS Safety Seminar

January 17, 2009

A few days ago I attended the AOPA Air Safety Foundation’s (ASF) safety seminar GPS from the Ground Up. It was the first presentation of this new seminar in the ASF series. Since that night the seminar has been presented several more times on the U.S. West Coast. The presenter was Andy Miller, a veteran […]

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Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM)

January 5, 2009

The weather hasn’t been too conducive to hangar work lately and today wasn’t forecast to be much better, so I decided not to go out to the airport. Instead,  I thought I’d see what I could do about that list of Aviation New Year’s Resolutions that I came up with way back last year. I […]

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Aviation New Year’s Resolutions – 2009

December 29, 2008

This is the time of year for all of us to look back and reflect on our flying experiences in 2008. We all have different views of what has happened in our aviation lives.  Professional pilots will look back and see some  flight departments closing or downsizing while others upgraded equipment.  Airlines disappeared or merged […]

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Instrument Approach Minimums

December 18, 2008

At least a couple of sites recently had an article (here and here) about an airline pilot turning around close to the flight’s destination because he was not qualified to land. As usual with respect to aviation, the sites used a sensational title to the articles and only reported the part of the story that […]

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