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  • CFI Professionalism

    CFI Professionalism

    CFI professionalism doesn’t just mean “dressing for success.” It means, among other things, becoming an expert in your profession and maintaining that expertise.

  • Ever Wonder What ICAO Is?

    Ever Wonder What ICAO Is?

    We all hear the term ICAO (eye-kay-oh) but what does it actually mean?

  • Trying to Renew my CFI Online

    <Rant> I first was awarded my CFI certificate in 1973 and got my CFII shortly after that. In 1988 I added Multi-engine instructor. Since then I have renewed my certificates using one of the in-person seminars or online courses. I have never been active enough as an instructor  to qualify for renewal on the basis…

  • Getting Back Into Flying

    I have been exchanging emails and post comments with one of my readers (I’m going to call him Tom to keep things simple) who is just getting back into flying again. He  had not flown for a considerable period – measured in decades rather than years – but wanted to try it again. Tom remembered…

  • What’s the Weather?

    I received an email from a reader recently that asked a question about the weather services that I use when flying my Swift – both during my preflight planning and enroute. There are books written on aviation weather services. I have one on my desk by Gleim that incorporates both FAA AC 00-6A and AC…

  • What type are you?

    I was reading some of my news feed this morning and came across one from Seth Godin, an internationally know marketing consultant. His article, titled Naive or Professional? is a short, one page discussion of the difference between being naive about how you do your job or run your business and how you do it…