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Still Haven’t Flown This Month

May 18, 2015

My logbook says that I haven’t had the Swift in the air since April 12th. That’s not something I like to do, but I made the choices to not when I could have at least flown the pattern a few times. I spent 2-3 of my free weekends polishing the plane – sort of a […]

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Still Here and Flying Around

April 13, 2015

I know it’s been a while since I last posted. Wow, I just checked and didn’t realize it had been 2 months. Life happens. According to Logbook Pro I have flown 4 times since then, including yesterday when this photo was taken. There is still snow on the top of Mt Rose but nothing anywhere […]

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A Short Flight on a Nice Day

February 16, 2015

Just a short note to cover a couple of topics. I managed to get into the air for two short flights this past weekend. They were direct flights to and from the Carson City Airport (KCXP). The Carson City (Sierra Chapter 403) conducted a Young Eagles event. I work as part of the ground crew […]

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Off the Injured List

February 10, 2015

My last post described my encounter with NORCAL Approach and a problem with the altitude reading they were receiving from my transponder/encoder. I had, with the help of the local avionics shop (Aviation Classics), investigated the malfunction to the point where the altitude encoder appeared to be the most likely culprit. I had three options […]

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MegaDollar Hamburger

January 13, 2015

Last week I made the half hour drive north to Stead so I could pull the plane out and fly a half hour south for a hamburger at the Carson City Airport (KCXP). EAA Chapter 403 in Carson has a BBQ every Thursday at 11:30. They cook hamburgers and hot dogs for anyone who wants […]

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