Professional Flying

Flying Through the Night

July 4, 2010

Apparently the officials at the Narita, Japan airport want to make sure that after a 10+ hour flight across the Pacific we know where we have landed. The west side of 16R/34L has a really beautiful hedge of plants in the shape of the airport name with an operational clock on it’s southern end. Things […]

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Before There Were VORs

June 6, 2010

In October of last year I had the opportunity to fly in an original Curtiss JN-4H “Jenny” . I mentioned then that it had acted as a time machine, propelling me backward in time to when aviation was just getting started. Flying the Jenny got me thinking more about what it must have been like […]

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Airport Overflights

April 9, 2010

The weather cooperated last month on a couple of my trips and I was able to take photos of airports that I don’t usually get to see. This first one is on the Southeast coast of Iceland. I took this photo from about FL350 . (I did a little enhancing in Photoshop, but not much.) […]

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A Pair of Captains

April 2, 2010

My last two trips have been unusual in that both captains that I flew with own and fly their own aircraft – and both own more than one. On the first of the two trips, a 9-day trip back and forth to Europe, the captain was a fairly quiet guy who kept to himself. I […]

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Aviation Time

March 28, 2010

Since my last post I have completed a 9-day trip to Europe and a 7-day stay at home and a 12-day trip to Asia. To say that I am whipped is a bit of an understatement. The European trip included 6 crossings of the Atlantic and reinforced my desire to do more Orient flying. Atlantic […]

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