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Flying Stories for October 26, 2012

Stampede Reservoir

Stampede Reservoir Near Truckee, CA..

I only have one article this week – about model airplanes. But I do have a few photos I took while flying this weekend. While the east coast is getting hammered we are having beautiful weather. Near calm winds, moderate temperatures and clear skies. I had no choice but to take advantage of the great days and  got into the air both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday I just flew around locally for about 45 minutes – nothing exciting. On the way back to the hangar I stopped and topped off all the tanks figurine that I’d be flying again soon.

Sunday I flew down to Minden for a late breakfast. I took the ‘lake route’ down and the ‘valley route’ back to Stead. Both routes stay out of the Reno Class C airspace, one to the west and one to the east. I don’t have anything against talking to them (other than it’s NORCAL Approach rather than Reno Approach) I just like the longer flights and different scenery.

As I said, it was a beautiful day – the water was glass-smooth on Lake Tahoe.  I was surprised that I only saw one boat on the lake. It’s definitely too cold for water-skiing, but renting a power boat for sightseeing would be fun. It was a good day for watching contrails, too…


Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe looking southwest from near Spooner Summit Pass  on the east shore.

Genoa, Nevada

Genoa, Nevada at the base of the Sierra Range just west of the Minden Airport( KMEV).










Here is an article that you may have missed this week:

Model aircraft take to the skies at show
This is from DelmarvaNow dot com in the Delaware/Maryland area. The Mid-Atlantic Radio Kontrol Society had their annual RC Air Show recently. The article is a nice overview of the event with a little video thrown in for good measure – when I read it there was a single comment submitted concerning the article – a good one…

Flying Stories for October 19, 2012

No flying this week. I had planned on taking in a local pancake breakfast on Saturday, but the winds were already gusting to 20 mph at 9 am. If I lived in the flatlands that probably wouldn’t have been too bad, but up here in the mountains that kind of wind makes the turbulence something you don’t want to experience.

Today the TAF for KRNO predicts 240/27G42 and the TV weather people are saying we could get 4-6” of snow by this time tomorrow. On the bright side, by Friday this storm system is supposed to be long gone with temperatures in the 70s again.

Allied Aircraft A-2

Allied Aircraft A-2

Here are some articles that you may have missed this week:

17-year-old pilot goes skyward whenever she can
This is from the Sacramento Bee but the article is about a 17-year-old in Tupelo, Miss. Courtney Foote is a high school senior who is definitely enthusiastic about flying…

Stinson Municipal Airport
This is from My San Antonio dot com. Those of you familiar with older airplanes will recognize the Stinson name from a line of personal aircraft built starting in the 1940s. Here is a little history of the airport that was named after the Stinson family and their Stinson School of Flying.

Flying high with aviation award
This is from SunLive in New Zealand. Guy Robertson is now 96 years old. He gave up flying about 40 years ago, but recently got back into a plane (as a passenger) to fly to London to receive the Jean Batten Memorial Trophy for his contributions to New Zealand aviation. The article includes an excerpt from his diary of flying the Curtiss P-40 during WW-II.

A-2 flies home to Wichita after 64 years
This is from the Wichita Eagle. Harry Ragland was a World War II bomber pilot but he had dreamed of putting a plane into production that he had designed. After the war he and 5 of his friends formed Allied Aircraft. The got their first airplane built, the Allied A-2, but shortly after a fire wiped out their company. Harry Ragland passed away in 2994, but the only plane he ever built has returned home to be placed into a museum in the Spring of 2013.

Flying Stories for October 12, 2012

Either I’m getting pickier, or the number of good aviation articles has really fried up. There are still plenty of writers for the general and ‘breaking’ news, but I haven’t been running across many in the human interest category lately.

BAE-146 Fire Bomber

BAE-146 Fire Bomber (click for larger)

No flying this week, but I did manage to pass my third class medical, though. So I’m good for another two years. Next month I have two other projects to complete – a Flight Review and an annual inspection on the Swift. Guess I ought to go out to the airport and get something done…

The Stead Fire Base has closed down now, but last month there was a bit of activity at the base. A new fire bomber showed up for a few day that I had not seen before –  a BAE 146 configured to fight fires.

Here are some articles that you may have missed this week:

Legends in Alaska Aviation: John Hajdukovich
Here is another one from the Alaska Aviation Legends series.

Veteran pilot receives Wright Brothers award from Federal Aviation Administration
This is from the Reading Eagle. Carl is from Maxatawny Township, near Reading, PA. Back when he was 17 years old (in 1947) he invited his girlfriend for an airplane ride. He paid a pilot to take the two of them up for their first rides. He was hooked on the first loop and has been flying ever since…

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