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  • Truckee-Tahoe Airshow 2022

    Truckee-Tahoe Airshow 2022

    It was a fun day at the Truckee-Tahoe Airshow. There were lots of families enjoying the outing looking at the aircraft on display and watching the airshow.

  • More Traffic Pattern Decisions

    At the end of the last article I was returning from the practice area to land at the Stead Airport (KRTS). The winds on departure, according to the AWOS, were 110/8 and I had selected Runway 08 as my departure runway. At that time there was no other traffic operating at the airport. Since I…

  • Decisions in the Traffic Pattern

    I managed to get a short flight in over the weekend – only about 45 minutes but that was enough. I wanted to fly on Saturday because a weak cold front was forecast to pass through on Sunday and to pick up the winds a bit (it did). A series of circumstances resulted in not…

  • This Month’s VMC Club Discussion

    This Month’s VMC Club Discussion

    In case you aren’t familiar with VMC Club it is a monthly gathering of individuals who discuss a VFR flying scenario presented by a discussion coordinator. VMC Club is an EAA function developed as an off-shoot of the International IMC Club which merged with EAA a few years ago. Both gatherings are conducted conducted in…

  • Two Flights This Week So Far

    Two Flights This Week So Far

    So far I have flown twice this week – once a pattern ride to do a little practice (which didn’t seem to help much) and the second another EAA Eagle Flight with a local EAA Chapter member. The weather up here in Reno had been unusually nice for November. We actually set high temperature records…

  • Another Article About Aviation by a Non-pilot Reporter

    As many of you probably know, a Phenom 100 crashed on approach to the Gaithersburg, MD Monday killing three people on the plane and another three in one of the houses that it hit. The Washington Post got right on the trending subject and put out an article on their website that would get them…