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10 Aviation Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Pilot or Aviation Enthusiast


If you are having problems coming up with gift ideas for your favorite pilot or aviation enthusiast, take a look at these ten suggestions. The pictures of the gifts are links to the product pages at the site where I found them. Prices range from $10 to a little less than $200.

  1. Vertex VXA-220 Comm from Chief Aircraft.

    Every pilot needs at least one portable communications radio. This one is from Chief Aircraft, advertised for $184.50.

  2. Mouse Pad From

    Here’s a neat stocking stuffer for the pilot geek. The top of the mouse pad shows part of a Sectional Chart of your choice. From advertised at $9.95.

  3. 1920's Aircraft Mobile

    Great for the younger pilot-to-be or as an office or den decoration. The wooden airplanes are hung from stainless steel wires. Advertised at $39 on

  4. SPOT Satellite Traker

    For those who do not yet want to spend the additional money for a 406MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) at approximately $900, nor the 406MHz Personal Locator Beacon(PLB) at $300-$500, you have the option of the SPOT, a portable locator radio that has the ability to call for help. My wife goes out kayaking about once a week and we got one of these for her to take with her. It has the ability to send periodic position reports that may be tracked online at a private web site and it has a ‘911’ button that will automatically call for emergency services closest to her location. We have not yet tried it in the airplane, but it is advertised for aircraft use. It is available for about $150 at several locations including and REI. This affiliate link is to

  5. Luggage Scale from Sporty's Pilot Shop

    The Balanza Digital Luggage Scale advertised for $24.95 is an easily-used luggage scale for confirming the weight of all those presents being stuffed into the plane.

  6. Wheel Chock Lock from Sporty's

    The Trimax Wheel/Chock Lock advertised for $ an interesting way to provide further security for your plane parked out on the ramp overnight.

  7. Honeywell Minimax CO Detector From Sporty's Pilot Shop

    The Honeywell Minimax CO Detector advertised at $179 is a portable carbon monoxide detector that you can take with you from plane to plane.

  8. Aviation T-shits are always a good bet for wearing to your next fly-in, for working around the hanger or just hanging out at the airport. There are hundreds of designs out there. I picked these four:
    Prop Wash Brewery t-shirt
    Flying's Cool from CafePress

    Aviation Lies from CafePress
    CAUTION from


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