On a Friday and Saturday I managed to get out of my hangar long enough to watch a couple of the unlimited heat races. As an experiment I took several video clips with my iPhone . I thought that if they turned out reasonably well I could use similar clips in the future.

I was standing in an area near the show line and between the Beech and Cessna display areas. You will see Strega, with the mostly white bottom (always in the lead), Voodoo with yellow on the bottom of the wings and Rare Bear with a purple paint scheme and the stubbier wings. On Saturday they finished in that order, though Voodoo cut a pylon and the penalty time moved Voodoo to third and Rare Bear to second.

I uploaded the composite of the clips to YouTube and have imbeded the clip below. Let me know what you think of the results.


2 responses to “Reno – a Video Experiment”

  1. Nick Laven Avatar
    Nick Laven

    Love the video – I’d love to get over there one day to have a look!

  2. Tracy Avatar

    Thanks. I was concerned about the video quality, but it seems that the iPhone does a pretty good job.