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Flying Stories for November 9, 2012


Yes, I missed my publishing deadline on the 2nd – I was out flying both days. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

Swifts at Auburn (KAUN)
Three of the five Swifts at Auburn (KAUN) for World Domination Day.

Last weekend I took part the “World Domination – the Day of the Swift”.”  One of our Swift Association members got the idea of trying to get as many Swifts into the air as possible and started promoting the effort in social media. The idea was to go flying – anywhere – on November 4th and then report back to him with the details of the flight.

He has been swamped with information and is now trying to correlate all of it, including correlating time zones to see how many were physically airborne at the same time.

For my part, I joined 4 other Swifts and their crews at the Auburn, CA airport (KAUN) for a nice lunch. It was a beautiful day for flying – clear, relatively calm and temperatures in the 70s.

Today, on the other hand, finds us with cloudy skies and anywhere from one to four inches of snow on the ground, with a high of 28 degrees so far. My how times change…

Here are some articles I found that you might enjoy:

Wally Dier – Flying high in restored biplanes
This is from the Pomerado News in Poway, CA. Wally Dier is now 83 years old. About 20 years ago he was given a ride in a biplane and he has been in love with them ever since. He wanted to buy one, but couldn’t afford it, so he bought a restoration project. Now he’s on his third biplane restoration and isn’t looking back…

65th anniversary of Spruce Goose
This is from the UK’s Mail Online. The article includes several archival photos from Life Magazine.

Colorado pilot inducted into the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame
This is from the Times Call of Longmont, CO. Jack Greiner, a well-known name in aviation circles was recently honored by being inducted into the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame. He says he caught the aviation bug when ye was 12 years old. He has restored 11 antique airplanes and built 3 others from scratch. But he admits that he is beginning to slow down – Jack will be 92 years old next month.

Senior pilots soar above aging stereotypes
This is from the Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale, FL. UFOs gathered in Ft. Lauderdale recently to receive the Turn Back Time award from the Forest Trace retirement center. UFOs are the United Flying Octogenarians, a unique group whose only requirement is that they are active pilots over the age of 80. We should all eventually be members…

Second World War veteran recalls days at flight training school
This is from Nova News Now dot com in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Les Corkum will soon be 80 years old, but back in 1942, when he was 20 he joined the Air Force in hope of being a pilot and helping out the cause during WWII. He reminisces a bit about the experience…

Page students learn the ins and outs of hot-air balloons
This is from the Navajo Times in Page, AZ. The annual Page-Lake Powell Balloon Regatta was held on November 1st. One balloon pilot, Cookie See, from Cortez, CO spends part of her time at the Regatta working with students in the Page Unified School District teaching them how hot air balloons work…

A passion for planes
This is from the Cranston Herald in Warwick, R.I. Stan Essex served as a plane captain for F9F Panthers aboard an aircraft carrier during the Korean war. But that wasn’t his only participation in the field of aviation. This month he will be inducted into the Rhode Island Aviation Hall of Fame…


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    Hi Tracy,
    The excuse sure works for me; any kind of safe flying is better than a blog post and so say I! I’ll look forward to reading the computed results. Apple pressing/cider making around here today and the raw juice could not be better. We were graced with lots of clouds, but no rain or wind and mid-morning temps pushing 50F; except for flying, an ideal day. The Captain joined us and was assigned as the official taster and blender for the nearly 22 gallons produced. Obviously, no flying.
    Wow! Seven articles this week. I get to them when it rains, obviously not a long wait. Best regards,
    P.S. I’d love to send a couple of (safe) pix via the back-channel, if you have any interest. My pix wear condoms and practice “Safe Hex.”

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    Sure, love to see them. Just use my email address.


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