It was another poor weather week to accomplish any fun flying.  I guess you could have made a few flights during the early morning hours, say before 10 am, but the winds were picking up earlier than usual. The gusts were to 40 mph yesterday.

I only ran across a couple of articles this week – both having to do with the Piper Cub.

Here are some articles that you may have missed this week:

1946 Piper Cub
1946 Piper Cub

Cub County Caper
This is from in Youngstown, OH. Gordon Murry, a journalism professor at Kent State University, and Ron Siwik, a retired radiologist, are flying two Piper Cubs around the state of Ohio this month. They plan on making a 9-day jaunt around Ohio to visit all 88 of it’s counties. They will accept donations during their stops and hope to collect enough money to establish a scholarship for a needy Ohio family to send a child to college. Their planned departure date is next Sunday, May 13th.

Feeling Old?
This is from News Chief in Winter Haven, FL. Jim Torphy has a 1946 Piper Cub. On April 23rd he took it up solo to celebrate his birthday – his 90th birthday.