Here are some articles that you may have missed this week:

Curtiss P-40 WarHawk
Curtiss P-40 WarHawk

A Cub Couple
This is from AOPA Online. A married couple and flight school owners plan to fly their Piper Cub on an 8000nm journey around the United States this summer. The article has links to follow their progress.

The reason they are still flying.
This is from The Wings of Freedom tour flew their B-24 into Long Beach Airport recently. One of the passengers they picked up and flew to John Wayne Airport was 92-year-old Howard Mann. The last time he had been in a B-24 was the day his crew had to ditch in the Pacific after taking fire in a bombing raid over the Philippines in 1945.

What was lost is found.
This is from Yahoo News. A Polish oil company worker was exploring a remote region of the Western Desert in Egypt and came across a P-40. The article includes a 1:30 video clip of the find.

A very light Beech 18
This is from AOPA Online. The Grimes Manufacturing Company of Urbana, OH is a name well known to aircraft owners and builders. The people living near Grimes Field are familiar with it, too – for another reason…