It was another slow week for flying this week. Today I finally completed enough other work to free up time to go to the airport, but today it is just not worth the risk…  AF1 is arriving in Reno today and we have one of those wonderful TFRs in place around the area. Although the times are published when the TFR will be active, I just do not trust the timing. If the flight is running early or late, the TFR can change with little to no warning.  Your license won’t be safe until he has left and is well out of the area.

The TFR notice has been up on the front page of the Stead Users Association website for a week, but what do you bet that somebody busts the TFR anyway…

Here are some articles that you may have missed this week:

Wright Brothers Memorial
Wright Brothers Memorial Diorama

Kate Moran, one of Britain’s female airline pilots
This is from the Mail Online in the UK. Kate Moran graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in Aviation Technology. Now she is one of Britain’s youngest airline pilots.

Flying is Freedom
This is from the Beaver County Times in Beaver, PA. Clayton Smeltz has used a wheelchair since an accident injured his spine at 16 months of age. But it hasn’t stopped him from riding a dirt bike… or learning to fly…

Pilot recognized for 50 years of safe flying
This is from the Lehigh Valley (PA) newspaper. The FAA recognizes pilots who have completed 50 years of accident-free flying by awarding them the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award. Aircraft Mechanics are also recognized for a similar accomplishment with the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award. Laslo Zamolyi first flew for the Air Force, then for TWA amassing over 24,000 flight hours.