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Flying Stories for July 6 , 2012


Yesterday, instead of publishing this I went flying – am I forgiven?  I’m currently at a Swift gathering in Oregon – Cottage Grove to be exact. I was one of the early-bird arrivals. We currently have 13 Swifts, a Mooney, a Bonanza, a Cub and a Meyers in attendance.  Good group. Nice to see old friends.

It’s funny that I would have and article about a WWII c-47 pilot. Last night after dinner we assembled in the museum hangar here and watched a movie – John Wayne in Earnest Gann’s Islands in the Sky.  Nice evening.

I’ll have some photos next week when I can spend some editing time.

Here are some articles that you may have missed this week:


We need more general aviation pilots.
This is from the Portland, ME Press Herald. The title of the article is Fewer Mainers getting pilot licenses, but there is more about people who are flying than who aren’t… However, the premise is valid – we need to encourage more people to fly

WWII vets return to cockpit

This is from the Herald Online in South Carolina. Here is yet another reason to keep the WWII planes flying and taking them to aviation events around the country.

Snowmobile or flying lessons?

This is from in Wisconsin. Imagine yourself a student in college. You have enough money to either buy a snowmobile to to start taking flying lessons. If you’re reading this blog, then you’d probably chose the latter. But how would your life have changed if you bought the snowmobile instead? Here’s a guy who made the right decision…

A girl who knows how to set a goal – and reach it

This is from the Press Herald in Portland. We really need more kids like Olivia who can decide on a goal and then do what it takes to attain it. She has her Private Pilot Certificate and she is about to start her senior year in high school…


3 responses to “Flying Stories for July 6 , 2012”

  1. Cedarglen Avatar

    Hi Tracy,
    Forgiven? Heavens yes, and I’m delighted to hear that you are flying again. If I had known that you were Swifting your way up to Cottage Grove, would have tried for a meet, to buy you a <$100 lunch and visit for a few minutes. Cottage grove is all of 55-60 miles from Cedarglen, so you are almost i n my back yard.
    This week's colleection was great. The article about the WI couple who publish Midwest Flyer Magazine was excellent. Most, if not all of the content is available on line and I've already found several features worth reading.
    Our flying weather has returned with a BANG, but about a month late this year. My air partner/teacher/friend and I will probably fly on Sunday, (7-8), but Cottage grove is not on his list. Since it is his airplane, I don't talk about destinations unless I'm asked. Best wishes and Happy Landings, -Craig
    P.S. The Reno-Cottage Grove trip must be beautiful. Do you make it one leg, or do you break it up a bit? Either way, it covers some very nice territory. -C.

  2. Tracy Avatar


    I made the trip up in one leg – about 2:15 enroute time. I climbed up to 10,500 and had a nice tailwind until I got to Klamath Falls. For a while I had a groundspeed of 195 mph. From Klamath Falls I turned to go over Medford and Grants Pass, then direct to Cottage Grove. A little round-about, but I wasn’t in a hurry. Very nice flight, clear and nice cool temperatures.

  3. Cedarglen Avatar

    Thanks. It sounds like a wonderful trip. I just returned from an early morning trip up the coast to near Astoria. We dodged a lot of early morning ‘fog’ and coastal stuff, but that was part of the plan: Up, down and around and always knowing exactly where you are. It was fun, but a workout. The return trip was stright back and as clear as I’ve ever seen. I very happy to see the fuel prices come down a bit becasue I usually buy the gas. And yes, a good time was had by all… Regards, -Craig