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Here are a few articles that you may have missed this week.

Remember that Northwest Airlines crew sent to prison for flying intoxicated? Here’s were the captain is now.
This is an article from one of the Minneapolis newspapers that recounts the events leading up to the crew being arrested. It continues by recounting the life that the captain has led since his arrest.

A few of the original Pan Am nisei stewardesses relate their experiences
This is an article from a Honolulu paper that recounts the experiences of some of the first Japanese-American Stewardesses hired by Pan Am in the 1960s. They talk about their flight experiences and the requirements levied upon them back in the age when flying was a more glamorous event.

A young girl from West Virginia finds her niche flying as a commuter airline pilot.
This is an article from a West Virginia newspaper describing the progression a young girl from their town followed to attain her goal of flying for a living. It all started with a flight she took when she was 15 years old. Her parents were solidly behind her decision to fly, but it sounds like she would have succeeded with or without their help.

A comparative look at airline performance.
This is an article from a Savannah newspaper that compares the performance of the major airlines for on-time arrivals, lost baggage and complaints. The last paragraph provides a comparison with some of the smaller airlines.

Flying in China began 100 years ago this week.
This is a ChinaRealTimeReport from the Wall Street Journal. It relates the first heavier-than-air aircraft flight in China, a short figure-eight course flown from a stadium in Shanghai. The article also goes on to provide a look into some of China’s commercial aviation plans.

A new company, Social Flights LLC, is attempting to use social media to charter aircraft.
This is a press release from the company that presents in glowing terms their idea for the use of social media for personal travel. It talks of forming ‘tribes’ of fellow travelers with like interests – sports teams, convention circuits, vacation spots, etc. – where the members could travel together on a routine basis. This appears to be an attempt to harness the current social media wave to schedule charter aircraft or empty seats on the aircraft already scheduled.

Museum loses it’s B-29 but the world may see another example flying
This is an article from a Wichita, KS paper relating their local museums loss of a Boeing B-29. The aircraft is on loan to the museum from a private individual who wants the aircraft to fly again. The Museum had planned to build a hangar specifically for the B-29. The hangar project was cancelled when the owner wouldn’t guarantee that the plane would sit in the museum for longer than the two years it may take to complete the restoration.

An airplane on a New York rooftop?
this is a article about what appears to be an airplane sitting on a runway in downtown New York. Yes, it’s even visible using Google Earth.

A new website for the XP-82 Restoration
The group restoring the prototype of the P-82 Twin Mustang has a recently updated website available for you. Newsletters, photos and videos that chronicle the restoration are available on the site.


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  1. Robert Avatar

    Really great stories in this round! I am really looking forward to these ‘Flying Stories’ posts you do… nearly as much as your series on the C-5. Thank you for putting in the effort.

  2. Tracy Avatar


    Thanks for the comment. I try not to rehash the usual aviation news stories.