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Flying Stories for August 24, 2012


Swift over Lake Tahoe
Swift over Lake Tahoe

I was going to wait until Sunday to write this because I thought I was finally going to get the Swift out of the hangar and blow the dust off. There is an airshow/fly-in at the South Lake Tahoe (KTVL) airport this weekend that I was planning on attending. So much for plans – I apparently forgot to notify that Low Pressure center off the Northern California coast to stay away a bit longer.

When we get a High to our East and a Low to the west they work together to give us some fun wind conditions. The TV weather display had clear, low 90s and  “Breezy” written across both weekend days.  That doesn’t sound bad, you say. Well, you have to know the weather definitions for the Reno area.  Breezy works out to be wind gusts 35-40 mph in Reno. KTVL was showing gusts to 30 mph. At 4 pm today I checked the density altitude at KTVL – it was 8905′ with a temperature of 88 F.

Sorry, that just doesn’t sound like fun to me…I’ll keep trying.

I only found one article this week that I’d like to pass along.  Enjoy.

Ben Eielson and his Jenny
This is from the Fairbanks, AK News Miner. Fairbanks, AK is about 26 miles from Eielson AFB. Here is a little information about the man and the first airplane that he flew in Alaska.